Students and Academic Dean Discuss: The Integration of the Curriculum

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What speaks to the depth of the studies, and this is one of my favorite parts about The Summit, is this word “integration”. Basically what that means is that one discipline can be integrated into another one. You find bits and pieces of math are incorporated into your history class or your literature class. And it’s the coolest thing and it’s the craziest thing. But it really speaks to the overall education you’re getting on it. It speaks to the fact that you’re learning not just about it in isolation, but whatever it is in the context of the era or the other people. So it talks about on a bigger scale such that it can apply to your different studies. And I think that’s really cool.

Academic Dean
That’s awesome. Our first year actually the faculty was accused of setting that up ahead of time, like, hey, you know, you must have gotten together and we didn’t. It just happened.

We would do word etymologies with Ms. Wise in history. And it would make sense, the things we were talking about in literature. We would literally go through a word etymology, and we’d be like, wow, we were just talking about that exact word in Shakespeare.

Academic Dean
And in a sense, shouldn’t that not be surprising that all of creation sort of works together? I mean, isn’t it weird that that’s surprising to us? I think we’ve been we’ve been raised to think that these things are all separate and you study your math and it’s nice and you study your history, but you keep them in different boxes. But it really it all should go together.


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