Summit Parents Discuss Truth and Faith in the Curriculum

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We are an independent, classical, college preparatory high school for young men and women. Rooted in the Catholic Tradition, we offer a unique opportunity to develop the mind and body in a profound education experience that engages the whole person.

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Clip transcription

It’s important to question everything, but specifically our faith. And you guys have done an outstanding job of enabling our kids. You’re not giving them the answers, but you’re teaching them where to look for them. And that’s what we want. We don’t want somebody that dictates to our kids. We want you to point them to where they need to look because nobody knows that innately.

Academic Dean
That’s a great summation of liberal arts education. I think people are surprised to know, you know, and in this small little Catholic classical liberal arts, it sounds like it’s all stuffy and everything is by fiat. But it’s just the opposite. A truly liberal education is one where we discover together we’re not afraid to ask the question, because we know where the truth ends up. And it’s that commitment to that process that we’re not afraid to ask the big questions and test things because we know where the process ends.

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