The Summit Academy athletics program is reflective of our school; educating the whole person, encouraging excellence and developing virtue and character.

Sports at The Summit are curricular which means every student participates as part of their PE requirement. Athletics is part of a well-rounded education that forms the whole person and it is furthermore a basic philosophical tenant of The Summit that learning should occur both inside and outside the classroom. Involvement in team sports provides a formative experience for students that is central to the education we offer, building character, promoting physical wellness, building character and esprit de corps. By requiring students to engage in sports, all students gain the social, emotional, and athletic benefits from being on a team. Moreover, a student’s sense of ownership for the school are enhanced as they take up the opportunity to participate in the life of the school outside the classroom.

In the Fall of 2018 we began fielding teams for interscholastic competition. In the 2019-20 school year The Summit will continue to advance the athletics program by targeting additional sports for development.

Fall (Starting 2018)
Women: Field Hockey
Men: Soccer

Winter (2019-20)
Women: TBD
Men: Basketball

Spring (2020)
Women: Soccer
Men: TBD
Field Hockey (women)
Basketball (men)