The Summit exists to partner with parents by assisting with their vocational calling to form their sons and daughters in Christian virtue so that they become mature, responsible young adults who are equipped to engage the world.

Our educational task is to produce free, happy men and women. This means that students should be drawn towards a full awareness of reality. In all things, we seek to cultivate an awareness and an appreciation for what is true, good and beautiful. A Liberal education that is rooted in the Catholic faith is best equipped to accomplish this work.

Even more succinctly put, we exist to do the following:
1.) Teach the Catholic Faith
2.) Provide excellent academics
3.) Equip young men and women for their mission in life to live out a fruitful vocation

While these tasks are listed in order of priority, they will operate in cooperation with one another and never operate in competition. To do one of them well means that we will do all of them well. To compromise in one of these tasks is to compromise all of them.