Middle School Course Overview

Grade 6

History 6: Ancient History
Theology 6
Literature and Grammar 6
Life Science
Math 6
Pre-Latin I
Art & Music

Grade 7

History 7: Christendom
Theology 7
Literature and Grammar 7
Earth Science
Math 7
Pre-Latin II
Art & Music

Grade 8

History 8: Virginia History
Theology 8
Literature and Grammar 8
Physical Science
Math 8
Pre-Latin III
Art & Music

Upper School Course Overview

Grade 9

Ancient History

Old Testament
Ancient Literature
Introduction to Natural Science
Integrated Math I
Latin I

Grade 10

Medieval History
New Testament
Medieval and Renaissance Literature
Integrated Math II or Geometry
Latin II

Grade 11

Early Modern History
Sacramental Theology and Creed
Renaissance to Modern Literature
Biology 101*
Biology 102*
Integrated Math III or Algebra II/Trigonometry
Latin III

Grade 12

American Political History
Vocation and Ecclesiology
Modern Literature, 111-112*
Integrated Math IV
Latin IV
Senior Thesis

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