Dual Enrollment at The Summit Academy

You know that an investment in your student’s Catholic education is an investment for a lifetime (and the next). However, what if you could further increase that value by lowering the hard costs of obtaining a college degree?

In addition to preparing students for college, we help families recoup educational expenses by lowering the total cost of higher education! Juniors and seniors at The Summit will have the opportunity to obtain up to 21 college credits at a fraction of the cost.

Dual Enrollment offers other significant advantages:

  • $57.13/credit hour through Dual Enrollment vs. an average cost of over $250/credit, (not including fees, room and board), at Virginia state colleges.

  • Unlike the AP, students earn credit based on academic performance of an entire semester, not simply the results of one test.

  • Credits are awarded by Germanna Community College. Germanna’s program is structured such that most credits are transferable to all Virginia community colleges and most 4-year colleges and universities within the Commonwealth.

  • Dual Enrollment demonstrates college readiness and shows that students have gained exposure to the rigors of university level course work.

Dual Enrollment Courses offered at The Summit Academy for the 2023-2024 Academic Year:

Fall 2022:

  • BIO 101, General Biology with Lab (4 credits)
  • ENG 111, Composition I (3 Credits)

Spring 2023:​​

  • BIO 102, General Biology with Lab (4 credits)

  • ENG 112, Composition II (3 Credits)