Outdoor Program

Learning outside of the classroom prepares students to become life-long learners in whatever environment they find themselves. Outdoor adventure programs are a powerful tool for learning real-world problem-solving skills. At The Summit Academy, we seek to foster in our students an awareness of the richness of the region in which they live.

Too often students receive instruction about the natural world with schools offering students little direct interaction with nature. There is ample research to demonstrate nature’s positive effects on dealing with attention-fatigue, combating stress and anxiety, fostering creativity, and developing perseverance and problem-solving skills.  In a noise-saturated culture, the experience of being outdoors gives students a vital opportunity to learn, listen, and to grow.

Receiving learning as an adventure equips students to embrace challenges in life with a sense of hopefulness and courage. As Pope John Paul II observed:

“The aesthetic value of creation cannot be overlooked. Our very contact with nature has a deep restorative power; contemplation of its magnificence imparts peace and serenity. The Bible speaks again and again of the goodness and beauty of creation, which is called to glorify God.”

Summit students are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities through the Summit Outdoor Program such as: biking, rappelling, caving, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, ropes courses, and mountain climbing. We also offer optional overnight camping or bike-packing trips. 

Additionally, each year, we have a senior-only outdoor retreat, that takes them to various destinations both within and outside of Virginia.