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The Summit Academy is committed to serving a broad range of families by helping their children excel in a learning environment that prizes excellence and integrity.

Quality education is a worthwhile effort that contributes to the common good and well-being of society as a whole.

This effort requires the participation of many different parties.

  • Students are tasked with the responsibility of growing as learners and thinkers who will.
  • Educators make sacrifices to devote themselves to a career that will make an investment that is rarely realized in monetary terms.
  • Parents commit themselves to the highs and lows of walking alongside of their students as they grow from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood.

Many families need financial assistance to make a strong education more affordable.

Towards this end, vital funding is provided by the generous donations of individuals, foundations, and corporations all of whom appreciate the value that a strong education provides for their communities.

Your donation will help provide a quality education that will form young people as strong, capable thinkers who will, in turn, invest those energies and talents towards the good of their communities.

The Summit Academy is a 501c3 and all financial contributions are tax deductible.

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