“In sophomore literature, I enjoyed the selection of texts that we delved into throughout the year, such as Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment, Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and two works by Jane Austen, Emma and Pride and Prejudice. In learning about these texts in class, we arrived at the truth through discussion. I have found that discussion-based learning has taught me how to defend and articulate my opinion and to arrive at a conclusion that makes sense.” 

—  Lily M., Junior

“The most beneficial class last year was introduction to natural science. I learned not only about the subject, but about how to reason and see the genius in the mistakes that many brilliant people made. I learned so much about the natural world that I didn’t know before, and I had so much fun with my classmates and my teacher, Mr. Orlowski.”

—  Emma E., Sophomore

“Last Fall, we volunteered at Mary’s Shelter by moving in furniture, doing yard work, and donating supplies to homes for women and children in crisis. As I was carrying a big bag of mulch while walking along a sidewalk, an older couple stopped me to ask what school my classmates and I were from. When I told them about The Summit Academy, I felt that it was my first chance as a freshman to represent the school and its mission. I was glad I had an opportunity to share what our school is all about and give my time for others.”

—  Anthony D., sophomore

“Although the curriculum can be challenging, it allows me to grow through my own strengths. In studying Latin and Greek, I have discovered a love for languages. I never thought I would take multiple languages or read the lengthy classic books that I have read, but in doing so I’ve learned that with hard work and dedication, I can do pretty much anything.”

—  Marjorie L., Sophomore

“My favorite thing about The Summit is the people. Our teachers truly want us to succeed, and in class they challenge us to answer the question, ‘why?’ In this way, we learn to give evidence and support for our claims.
I also have so much fun with my classmates. We are all so close and encourage each other. During breaks, I always miss everyone from school. This faith-filled, fun yet studious atmosphere at The Summit is perfect for making friends and learning from the best instructors.”

  Patrick B., Sophomore