“The Summit community is so unique. It is unlike anything I have ever experienced. The Summit has cultivated an intimate, friendly, and supportive atmosphere centered around Christ.”

Dianna, Class of '23

“Having been given the gift of education by Socratic method has completely changed my perception of learning for the better. In Socratic seminar, I have learned to truly listen to the ideas and thoughts of others, while also learning to articulate my own. With the combination of these skills, I see myself and my classmates participating in the reality God designed.”

Maria, Class of '23

“My favorite thing about The Summit is the people. Our teachers truly want us to succeed, and in class they challenge us to answer the question, ‘why?’ In this way, we learn to give evidence and support for our claims. I also have so much fun with my classmates. We are all so close and encourage each other. During breaks, I always miss everyone from school. This faith-filled, fun yet studious atmosphere at The Summit is perfect for making friends and learning from the best instructors.”

Patrick, Class of '20

“Doing seminar based discussions was something completely new to me when I came here to The Summit and I have really grown to appreciate them! I can see how they have improved my learning in the way that I develop questions and connections and think critically, but I also personally think they make the classes so much more fun.”

Selina, Class of '23

“One of the ways my faith has grown is in theology class, learning about God and the Catholic faith by examining the Sacred Scriptures and the Catechism of the Catholic Church, among other sources. My faith has also been encouraged by being in a Catholic community where others are devoted to their faith and are striving for heaven. My favorite thing to do as a community is to pray the Divine Office as a school, since it unites each of us and reminds us of the larger, world-wide Catholic community.”

Emily, Class of '24

“Although the curriculum can be challenging, it allows me to grow through my own strengths. In studying Latin and Greek, I have discovered a love for languages. I never thought I would take multiple languages or read the lengthy classic books that I have read, but in doing so I’ve learned that with hard work and dedication, I can do pretty much anything.”

Marjorie, Class of '20

“Last Fall, we volunteered at Mary’s Shelter by moving in furniture, doing yard work, and donating supplies to homes for women and children in crisis. As I was carrying a big bag of mulch while walking along a sidewalk, an older couple stopped me to ask what school my classmates and I were from. When I told them about The Summit Academy, I felt that it was my first chance as a freshman to represent the school and its mission. I was glad I had an opportunity to share what our school is all about and give my time for others.”

Anthony, Class of '20

“The Outdoor Program [of the Summit] has been such a blessing for all of us students because of its special ability to push us to discomfort and build camaraderie. Whenever I go into a semesterly retreat tired and unmotivated, I come out with brothers and I am fired up to continue every adventure coming my way.”

Peter, Class of '23