Student Visit

General Overview: The best way to get to know The Summit is to spend a day with us in person. Student visitors are paired up with a Summit peer and accompany them to academic courses, electives, and lunch. Middle school visitors are placed with a class in their current grade, except for those applying to our 9th grade class. So, a student visitor who is currently in 6th grade and applying to our 7th grade will spend the day in a 6th grade classroom. 8th grade students applying to our 9th grade will shadow a 9th grade student for the day.

Scheduling: In order to schedule a student visit, please click this link and follow the steps below:

 (1) provide your child’s information
(2) select “I would like to schedule a Student Visit” and indicate three preferred dates
(3) proceed to fill out the rest of the form

You can also call the school at 540.684.3989 and schedule a time with our office staff. 

Arrival: Parking is in the upper lot on the east of the campus. Student visitors should arrive to the school office by 7:40am.

Dress Code: Visitors are encouraged to dress in a similar manner to our students. You don’t need to match the uniform, but it might be good to peruse the website to get a sense of our attire. Middle school visitors will not need to wear a tie, but should dress in a button-down shirt or polo, and khakis. Students visiting the upper school will want to dress up a bit more, similar to what they would wear when attending a nice event.

What To Bring: Backpack, lunch, pen, and paper

Pick-Up: Pick-up is at 2:35pm. We always like to touch base with parents at the end of a student visit. Parents should park in the lower lot (west side entrance of the building near the modular) and we will meet you there with your son(s) or daughter(s).

Weather Delays And Cancellations: We generally follow Spotsylvania County Public Schools for weather delays and cancellations. If there is a two-hour delay, we will open at 9:30am. If school is cancelled, we will be in touch with you the day after the scheduled visit to put another date on the calendar. Of course, if we are not closed but you don’t feel it prudent to visit in light of weather conditions, feel free to reschedule your visit. We’re happy to help you find a more convenient time.

Tips For Students To Have A Successful Student Visit:

  • Try to relax. It’s never easy to be a visitor in a new school, but know that we are looking forward to getting to know you. The Summit Academy is a pretty warm place and you will find that not only teachers, but also students, are eager to help you out and make you feel welcome.
  • Ask a question! You’ll find that students tend to be engaged in the classroom and the discussion is a key part of the learning. We give students a great deal of freedom to be themselves and interact with the faculty in class so feel free to jump in!