FACTS Management


At the Summit Academy, we utilize an online program called FACTS Management to collect and manage tuition. Please register your student in FACTS by going to the following link:  http://www.factsmgt.com/ 

On the FACTS homepage you will see a tab entitled “Parent Resources”. On the drop-down menu of that tab, please select “Payment Plans”. Select the option to create a new user profile. Choose the “Search for my institution” option and use the school’s zip code (22407) or city, state (Fredericksburg, Virginia), then select The Summit Academy from the list.

After that, all you have to do is input your information to create your account and choose what payment plan works best for you! The options will be 10 pre-scheduled payments, 12 pre-scheduled payments, or a one time payment of the full tuition.

We hope you find FACTS to be a simple and helpful way to manage tuition.

Tuition payments are made through the FACTS Management system: