Payment Policy

It is important for families to understand that the school has financial responsibilities and contractual obligations to meet. We make commitments to faculty, contractors, vendors, and other service providers based upon enrollment projections. As our employees and partners depend on us to adhere to commitments and contracts, we likewise depend on families to follow through on their obligations. Our expenses are set in place and do not decrease in the event that a family decides to withdraw a student from the school.
Families understand and agree that the Student is enrolled for the entire school year, and the Patron becomes liable for the entire year’s tuition upon registration. If a student withdraws for any reason after registration, your tuition will be prorated on a semester basis. The terms of the policy remain in place if the Student is withdrawn, absent, or expelled, and the School is not obligated to refund any amounts paid and the Patrons remain responsible for the remainder of tuition and fees for the semester in which the withdrawal occurs.

If your student has committed to attend The Summit Academy and then withdraws, you will be responsible for the full semester’s tuition. If the students has begun attending second semester classes, you will be responsible for that full semester’s tuition. Remaining balance will be due upon withdrawal unless payment  plans are in place.