A Transitional Middle School Model for Preparing Students to Flourish in High School

For the 2020-21 academic year, The Summit Academy will provide an educational offering for students in grades 6-8 that we will refer to as The Summit Hybrid Middle Program. The hybrid model will be delivered as a blend of private school instruction and homeschool freedom. This model is different from a co-op in which a group of parents might teach various subjects or electives one or two days a week.

The hybrid school provides a full curriculum taught by the Summit’s dedicated faculty who bring their subject-matter expertise and teaching experience to deliver quality instruction to middle school students.

In high school, students are tasked with working towards subject level mastery.
In middle school, students build the skills and habits they will need in order to be ready to work towards mastery.
The Summit Hybrid program will ensure that middle schoolers progress in their learning and they are equipped to succeed when they reach high school.

At all levels, The Summit Academy provides a Catholic Liberal Arts education which provides the following unique differentiators:
1. We teach students to ask good questions.
2. We teach students to love what is true, good, and beautiful.

The hybrid school operates as a partnership with parents. Children are a gift from God to parents who, in turn, honor God by raising their sons and daughters in the way they should go. A gifted teacher awakens the learner and aligns the child with the pathway in which they learn. This powerful connection between schools and families opens children to the meaningful reality that life is learning.

We will provide instruction for all classes, all curriculum and materials, quarterly progress reports, and a final report card/ transcript. Parents will facilitate at-home coursework by working with students to train them in following and adhering to assignments and practice work.